Useful Tips for a Mobile-Optimized Website Design

In recent years mobile device usage has witnessed an explosive growth and today mobiles are the most preferred devices to access the internet. Google is also now factoring in the extent of mobile-optimization for ranking the result of the search pages. What this essentially means that if a website is not optimized for mobiles, it is unlikely to get decent search rankings. Therefore, when a website is being designed, you should ensure that it displays well on mobiles. Some proven practices for ensuring a mobile-friendly website:

Delve Deep into Analytics

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Irrespective of whether you prefer to use Google Analytics or any other analytics tool, you need to first find out the different types of devices as well as browsers people are using to access your website. By doing this, you will be in a position to better understand the quality of experience that visitors have had on your site with mobile devices. When you know who your audience is and what issues they are facing, you are better armed to tackle the website design and development process.


Get the Design Approach Right

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You have a number of options for optimizing your website for mobiles; dynamic serving, distinct URL or responsive design. While you can adopt any of the three methods, industry experts agree that responsive design is perhaps the best as it works across all devices, both current and upcoming, regardless of the screen size. Even Google prefers mobile optimization to be done using responsive design as its design philosophy matches its own.


Define the Usage Context

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You need to think long and hard about the features users would like to see on your website. The best way of doing this is to step into the shoes of a user and establish the typical actions during browsing. A repeated analysis will reveal the most desirable features of the mobile-optimized website. Since this process is time-consuming and quite difficult, you may consider a reputed Las Vegas Web Design Co to do it for you.


Keep Content Brief and Readable

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Screen spaceisscarce in mobiles; therefore, you will have to consciously attempt to keep the content extremely short and relevant to users’ needs. This means that you will automatically need to drop lengthy company profiles, product descriptions, management bios, etc. Use icon and pictures to convey ideas with brevity. Also, ensure that the text is large enough to be read by most people comfortably across a variety of screen sizes.



When you are trying to optimize your website for mobile usage, you should also think about simplifying the navigation menu and adding more pictures and videos to reduce the time consuming process of reading text that puts off most people. Above all, ensure that the site loads very fast as mobile users are notoriously impatient and will not wait for that extra second even for a site with valuable information. Follow the guidelines mentioned in the article to create a mobile optimized website without any complications.


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