How to Integrate Instagram in Web Design

More and more brands have started promoting their products and services on Instagram. With the popularity of this photo sharing app, you need to look for ways to make the most of your Instagram profile. How about asking your designer to integrate Instagram into your web design? We’ll show you how this can be done.

Embedding Instagram Feed

Have you ever visited a webpage and noticed their Instagram gallery showing on a section of the site? This simply means that they have embedded a feed on their webpage. It can be done quite simply by using a plugin. It will depend on the platform on which your website was built. If your site was built on WordPress, embedding a feed is easier.

When you embed the feed on Instagram, you can play around with how the content is displayed. Vu Sunglasses has done it really well by displaying their Instagram feed as an editorial. People can click on each photo and get a link that shows where the sunglasses can be purchased directly from their shop. This can really help to boost conversion rates, especially for ecommerce shops.

Feature contests on the website

Another incredible way to do it is to have a hashtag feed on your homepage. You can run a contest with a specific hashtag and display the participants who use it on the website. When you do this, your Instagram users will feel like they participated in something big once they see themselves on your website. Having the hashtag feed on your website gives them a moment of fame.

This strategy of incorporating Instagram in your website design is likely to help you get user-generated content and at the same time increase your website traffic. Many of your real Instagram followers will want to visit your website and see themselves after participating in the contest. This gives your brand more online visibility.

Add an Instagram badge

One of the simplest ways to incorporate Instagramin your website design is to add social media badges to a section of the page. Most websites have their social media badges on the bottom left corner. You can choose to have it on the header but just ensure that the Instagram badge doesn’t distract from the site’s unique and appealing design.

Choose this simple method of integrating your Instagram page if you already have a website with lots of animated graphics. At the end of the day, you don’t want to mess up the impeccable design with an Instagram feed so the badge would do just fine.

There are a lot more ways to integrate social media platforms on ecommerce website design that you can use. Integrating this photo sharing platform certainly has its advantages. You get to pull traffic from your website to your Instagram page, increase brand awareness and conversions. Just make sure the Instagram feed on your website doesn’t irritate users. Whatever changes you make to your website design, ensure you provide a great user experience at all costs.


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